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french pepper
9 April 1989
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catita_jolie: "You're like that little devil on my shoulder that tells me what I want to do."

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80s music, acting like a crackhead, alfred hitchcock films, alice cooper, alice in chains, aliens, alizée, ancient egypt, androgyny, anna nicole smith, annie lennox, antisocialism, arab culture, aviators, being somewhat psychic, bellydancing, bill kaulitz, billy crawford, bisexuality, black hair, blaxy girls, blondie, bondage, brass knuckles, bret michaels, britney spears, brittanya, byz, cassandra steen, cemetaries, cher, christina aguilera, cinema bizarre, collecting sunglasses, concerts, criss angel, danny noriega, denmark, deutschland, devilish bill and tom, dirty songs, doll-e girl, don omar, dreadlocks, electronica, eminem, europe, evanescence, eyeliner, fanfiction, fashion, fedora hats, france, french language, garou, gaspard ulliel, german language, germany, girls that dont suck, glam rock, gothic bellydancing, graffiti art, guitars, gummibears, guns, gypsies, hip-hop, humanoid, im dahye, industrial music, janet jackson, jason castro, jimi blue, joan rivers, joaquin phoenix, kaulitzcest, keri hilson, kerli, lady gaga, lamborghinis, laura branigan, lenny kravitz, lexy, long legs, lowriders, luxuslarm, makeup, malagasy language, manzini, marilyn manson, michael jackson, miss lady pinks, money, mythology, natalia kills, native american culture, nena, nine inch nails, noncon, old school jams, piercings, pirates, playing with fire, poison, procrastinating, r&b, rihanna, roger garth, roleplaying, royalty, russia, saying shit a lot, shakira, slash, sleeping all day, smut, talking like a gangster, tata young, tattoos, tatu, telling dirty jokes, the 20s, the 80s, the culture club, the latin language, tila tequila, tokio hotel, tokio hotel fiction, tom kaulitz, tom/bill, tragédie, trance, twincest, twins, twitter, vampires, waist belts